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AR# 16199

5.1i Data2BRAM - How do I verify that the BlockRAM memory has been updated in my .bit file?


Keywords: Data2BRAM, verify, memory, update, bit, Block, RAM

Urgency: Standard

General Description: How do I verify that the memory has been updated in my .bit file using Data2BRAM?


To verify that the BlockRAM memory has been updated in the .bit file, use the "-d" option in Data2BRAM.

BIT dumps are invoked as:

data2bram -bm my.bmm -bt my.bit -d

Each bit stream command is decoded and displayed. Those commands that contain bit field flags will have each bit field described. Commands that contain non-BRAM data chunks will be displayed as plain hex dumps. Since BRAM data is encoded within bit streams, Data2BRAM will display BRAM data as decoded hex

These dumps are used primarily for debugging purposes. However, they are also useful for comparing binary ELF and BIT files with simple, and human friendly, text tools.

For more information please see the following Data2BRAM PDF file:

AR# 16199
日期 09/04/2003
状态 Archive
Type ??????