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Xaltran: How to install and use with Workview Office.


Keywords : Workview Office, xaltran, change library

Urgency : Standard

Problem Description:
Xaltran is a Windows-based graphical utility that allows you to
change/migrate an existing Viewlogic design to another Xilinx Device family.

This program was not designed to be used with Workview Office and is not
installed with XACT 6.0.1 but can be used on Workview Office designs.

For further information on changing device families with Viewlogic projects,
please consult (Xilinx Solution 1225).



How to install Xaltran :

In the following instructions <WVO> will represent your Workview Office
installation path on your machine. The default path is: C:\WVOFFICE.

<CDROM> will indicate the CD-ROM Drive location.

1. Create a directory called VF in the <WVO>\Standard directory.
The DOS command for this is :
mkdir <WVO>\Standard\VF

2. Insert the XACT 5.2.1/6.0.1 CD-ROM and copy the following files to the
following locations :

<CDROM>\proser\xaltran.exe ---> <WVO>
<CDROM>\proser\standard\xaltran.ini ---> <WVO>\standard
<CDROM>\proser\standard\xaltran.hlp ---> <WVO>\standard

3. Open the file <WVO>\standard\xaltran.ini with a text editor and add and
remove device families depending on which families you wish to target
on your system.
For example: you may want to remove the XC8100 and add the XC4000E and
XC9500 families. The resulting list should look like:


4. Create an icon for <WVO>\xaltran.exe on your desktop, in the START menu,
program group, or in the Workview Office tool bar.


How to use Xaltran :

1. Create/edit a file called <WVO>\Standard\VF\project.lst
to look like the following :

0 <--- Zero on first line of the file
<full project path> <--- Path of conversion project
on next line of file

2. Double-click Xaltran icon.
Project displayed at the top of the window should be
the project you wish to convert.

3. Choose the Current Technology and Target Technology and
click on OK.

4. Once the program has finished processing, click on the
Finish Translation Button.

5. Click OK on the Update Viewdraw.ini window.

6. Click on the Project Manager button from the Xaltran

7. Update the project so that the libraries and aliases are
correct for the newly selcted device.
For Example, to go from 5200 --> 4000E :

The line in the library list :
<WVO>\unified\xc5200 (xc5200)

Should be changed to :
<WVO>\unified\xc4000e (xc4000e)

8. Open the schematic with Viewdraw and verify the conversion.
There may be symbols in the previous device family that are
not availible in another so these components need to be
replaced with equivelent components.

9. Perfom a check project on the design by opening the top
level schematic in Viewdraw and executing :

Tools --> Check Project (common)

Correct any errors or warnings that may be found on

10. Implement design in design manager, creating a new project
to target the new device family.
AR# 1622
日期 03/20/2000
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