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5.1i ISE - Project Navigator cannot automatically find LeonardoSpectrum version LS2002d or later (PC platform)


General Description:

After I install LeonardoSpectrum LS2002d or later, Leonardo does not appear in the Project Navigator project flow preferences.


Project Navigator uses the "findmgsg.exe" program (provided by Mentor Graphics) to locate the most recently installed version of LeonardoSpectrum. Findmgsg.exe looks for the latest version of Leonardo on the computer, searching the registry as well as environment variables. If findmgsg.exe finds Leonardo installed on the computer, Project Navigator can use that version of Leonardo in the integrated ISE flows.

Before LS2002d, when Leonardo was installed, it wrote the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Exemplar Logic.

Beginning with LS2002d, when Leonardo is installed, it writes the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Mentor Graphics.

The current findmgsg.exe program does not look for the "Mentor Graphics" registry key and cannot find later Leonardo installation versions. You can solve this problem by using one of the following:

Set the EXEMPLAR environment variable to point to the LeonardoSpectrum install directory as shown in the following example:

set EXEMPLAR=C:\Exemplar\LeoSpec\LS2002_d


Use "regedit" and manually rename the "Mentor Graphics" registry key to "Exemplar Logic." If the Exemplar Logic registry key already exists, copy the key information from the "Mentor Graphics" registry key to the "Exemplar Logic" registry key.

Mentor Graphics provides a new version of findmgsg.exe in the 5.2i software release.
AR# 16226
日期 01/09/2011
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