AR# 1633


XEPLD, XC7318, XC7336: nd100:[Error] (nd105, hi317) Could not map '<instance>' into a fast function block. (Fast Output Enables, FOE)


Keywords: 7318, 7336, foe, fast function block, fast output
enable, hi317, nd100, nd105

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Upon implementing a XC7318 or XC7336 design the following
errors may be encountered during the optimize stage of

nd100:[Error]Could not map '<instance>' into a fast function
block macrocell.
nd105:[Error]Device does not have enough Fast Output Enables to
convert macrocell pterm enable into an FOE as required
for fast function blocks.
hi317:[Error]Invalid fast function mapping requirement found.
Possibly there is too much logic declared as fast in your

This error is typically caused by a design which targets the
XC7318 or the XC7336 and which uses more than two device
output enables. Since the XC7318 and XC7336 have *only* Fast
Function Blocks, the device may only have 2 output enables.
This is because the output enables in Fast Function Blocks can
come from one of two places, the FOE0 pin or the FOE1 pin.
Even if the design generates an output enable signal
internally, that output enable signal will still need to use
one of these 2 FOE pins to get back into the device on an
output enable line.

There are no product term output enables in Fast Function

Therefore, if the design has an internally generated output
enable(s), an FOE pin must be left free for each of those
internally generated output enable(s).



Target a 7300 device that contains High Density Function
Blocks such as the 7354 or larger device.

You may also try targeting an equivelent 9500 device.


Limit the number of output enables in the design to 2.


If the design contains an internally generated output
enable(s), be sure that there is a corresponding FOE pin
available for the signal to use to get onto the output enable
AR# 1633
日期 10/07/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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