AR# 16385


EDK - I cannot open the output file "/code/executable.elf" ("Permission denied in Windows")


General Description:

The following message is reported:

"Cannot open output file <ppc instance>/code/executable.elf: Permission denied in Windows."

A similar problem occurs when powerpc-eabi-gdb/mb-gdb fails to unlock "executable.elf" upon exiting.


When you exit from GDB (either normally or abnormally), system processes that remain active are locking the executable file. Consequently, even if you have access permissions for the executable file and the file is not read-only, the "permission denied" message is reported for the executable.elf file.

To avoid this problem, clean up the GDB session in both "Applications" and "Processes", using Windows Task Manager:

1. In Windows, start Windows Task Manager.

2. Click on "Application" and end all GDB-related tasks.

3. Click on "Processes" and end all GDB-related process.

You can now delete or overwrite the executable.elf file.

AR# 16385
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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