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10.1 NetGen/PrimeTime - "WARNING: cmis_fft.pcf: detected global offset for multi-clocks (sdc.log)"


Keywords: warning, global, offset, multi-clocks

When I run the PCF2SDC application, the following message appears:

"WARNING: cmis_fft.pcf: detected global offset for multi-clocks (sdc.log)."

Can I ignore the message, or should I modify the SDC file?


This message states that the PCF2SDC translator cannot translate the global offset commands when more than one clock is present in your design. You must manually translate these commands. Xilinx provides several Tcl scripts to help facilitate this process.

To translate these commands, follow these steps:
1. Identify all inputs in your design that are being referenced by a specific clock (based on the global offset command).

NOTE: Generally, you will have already compiled this information from other sources during the design process.

2. Calculate the value of "set_input_delay" and "set_output_delay" for each input or output based upon the value of the global offset command and offset, regardless of whether these are OFFSET INs or OFFSET OUTs for the actual equation.

For information on using the Tcl scripts, see the Xilinx/Synopsys Interface Guide at:
AR# 16440
日期 07/07/2009
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