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ChipScope Pro Analyzer - How do I view a VCD file generated by ChipScope Pro Analyzer in ModelSim?


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ChipScope Pro Analyzer exports VCD (Value Change Dump) files that can be viewed in order to print and debug waveforms for future analysis. How do I view these files in ModelSim?


ChipScope Pro Analyzer does not have the capability to read in VCD files. There are some free viewers you can use. Here are some examples:

VCD Viewer
nWave: One of the best VCD viewers, with support for large VCD dumps.
Undertow: Undertow waveform viewer.
GTKWave: Freeware VCD viewer.
Dinotrace: Freeware VCD viewer from veritools.
WaveViewer: SynaptiCAD's freeware VCD viewer also supports analog signal display and SPICE import. A proprietary compressed waveform format allows it to compress VCD files by 200x, making it a very fast viewer.

Also, ModelSim contains an application called "vcd2wlf," which converts a VCD file into the .wlf format.

The following command will allow you to use this application:
vcd2wlf <vcd_filename> <wlf filename>

The .wlf file may be viewed in ModelSim as a data set. The data sets can then be compared and printed in the Wave window.

AR# 16635
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