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Packaging HQ160/HQ160/HQ240/HQ 304 - What is the composition of the heat sink on HQ packages?


Xilinx HQ packages are thermally enhanced versions of PQ packages (a heat sink is included). What is the composition of the heat sink or heat slug on the HQ packages?


The composition of the heat sinks for HQ packages are carefully chosen based on the typical thermal requirements for each device:

1. The PQ304 is a package associated with the XC4000 device family and contains a copper heat slug with nickel plating.

2. For the HQ208 and HQ240 packages, depending upon the device, the heat slug is either:

a) Copper, with the heat sink "sprayed" with insulating ceramic (Alumina). The thin layer of ceramic surface provides an effective electrical insulation with minimal impact on the heat transfer characteristics of the package.

b) A drop-in aluminum heat sink with a hard anodized coating (for electrical insulation).

The difference between the two options is that the copper heat slug offers better heat dissipation, but costs more than the aluminum heat sink. Some devices require the heat slug option and some devices do not require a copper heat slug. The aluminum heat sink option is used for these devices.

To determine the composition of your specific device/package combination, please open a WebCase at:

AR# 16774
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