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AR# 16783

3.1 EDK MicroBlaze - How do I debug two MicroBlaze processors using XMD and GDB?


General Description: 

How do I debug two instances of the MicroBlaze processor using XMD and GDB?


You must debug the MicroBlaze processors on the actual hardware, with one processor connected to XMD/GDB with a opb_jtaguart and the other with opb_uartlite (Multiple MicroBlaze instances communicating over the same JTAG UART will also be added to XMD in the future). Please note that ISS is not supported. 


The sequence is as follows:  

1. Start XMD. (You should not open two XMD sessions.) 

2. Give the command "mb-connect stub -post <position of FPGA>". XMD will start the GDB server and report what the communication port is (e.g., 1234). 

3. Give the command "mb-connect stub -comm serial". XMD will start another GDB server and report the new communication port.

AR# 16783
日期 05/15/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章