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6.1i Guide - "ERROR:Ncd:579 - A 5.Xi Ncd file has been identified. This must be converted to 6.Xi format..."


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I have an NCD guide file that was created using ISE 5.x. Is it possible to use the guide file in ISE 6.x without having to reimplement?


NOTE: Xilinx recommends that rather than converting the existing guide file, you reimplement your design using the 6.x software to take advantage of the improvements in the latest software.

To use the guide file from ISE 5.x in ISE 6.x, you must convert the file to a usable format before you make any project changes. If you simply attempt to use the 5.x guide file, errors will occur. You can convert the NCD guide file with the GuideConv utility. This command line only utility requires the 5.x NGD and NCD files as input and outputs a 6.x NCD file for use in guiding.

GuideConv Syntax

xilperl [-gm <incremental|leverage>] [-par] <5.X_guidefile>.ncd <5.X_guidefile>.ngd <6.X_newfile>.ncd

Use the "-par" switch if you want to leave the NCD file unplaced and routed.

If "-gm" is set to "incremental" (default), GuideConv effectively "cuts-and-pastes" those area groups that are 100% guided. Area groups that are not 100% guided are reimplemented. It is possible that a design that was working in the 5.x Incremental mode will not work in the 6.x Incremental mode due to software incompatibilities.

If "-gm" is set to "leverage", GuideConv processes as much as it can on the whole design. It does not necessarily reimplement a whole area group that is not 100% guided. As a result, in this mode, partial guiding of an area group is possible.

GuideConv Notes
1. Not all designs can be 100% converted; error/warning messages are issued to explain that this is the case.
2. Guide rules for Incremental Design have changed from ISE 5.x to ISE 6.x. It might be necessary to use the following environment variable to revert to the original behavior: XIL_INCR_ALLOW_BOUNDARY_OPT = 1
3. Any warning messages that you might find in the MAP report after running GuideConv are not accounted for in the report summary. You must look in the guide area of the report for warnings.
4. The "<6.1i_outfile>.ncd" output file must have a different name from the "<5.1i_guidefile>.ncd" input file.
AR# 16792
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