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AR# 1680

5.2.1 XNFPREP - Error 7859:'C2P' type TS attribute 'TSxx' need an associated TS flag attached to a net or pin.


Keyword: xact-performance, timespec

Urgency: standard

General Description:

XNFPREP 5.2 or 5.2.1: Error 7859:'C2P' type TS attribute 'TSxx' needs an associated TS flag attached to a net or pin.

This error occurs when user forgets to put a 'TSxx' attribute on the net sourcing the FFS at D input or Clock input.


Say you have the following:

_______ _____
DIN | | |\ OUT / |
---------|D Q|-------------| >------ PAD |
| FFS | |/ \_____|
The user needs to put a flag on the net which is sourcing the FFS, and the flag has to match the timespec label. For example, if user has a timespec
. ^^^--It has to be the net sourcing the PAD.

The user has to put 'TS21' as an attribute on DIN or CLOCK net, so the tool knows where does the TIMESPEC starts from.
Xilinx suggests that users go to the new way of writing timespecs TSxx=FROM:xxxx:TO:xxxx=xxNS)
AR# 1680
日期 03/22/2000
状态 Archive
Type ??????