AR# 16990


6.2 EDK - FPGA implementation step (XFLOW) fails if the system does not contain BRAM


General Description:

If the processor system does not contain BRAM memory, XPS does not auto-create a system.bmm file. As a result, XFLOW fails when running NGDBuild because there is no system.bmm file. The following error is generated:

"ERROR:Data2MEM:53 - File 'system.bmm' was empty or had no content.

ERROR:Data2MEM:2 - File 'pgr_bd.bmm' can not created, or is busy.

FATAL:Data2MEM:43 - Release of unknown memory pointer.

Source file "../s/D2BUtil_Data2Bram_impl.c", line number 104.

ERROR:Xflow - Program ngdbuild returned error code 2. Aborting flow


make: *** [implementation/system.bit] Error 1"


In the XPS project directory, open the etc/fast_runtime.opt file and comment out the following line:

-bm <design>.bmm # Block RAM memory map file

AR# 16990
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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