AR# 17018


5.2i iMPACT - Unable to program 9500XL with read protect in concurrent mode


General Description: 

When programming 9500xl and XPLA3 devices in concurrent mode with "read protect" selected, I see the following error in iMPACT 5.2.01i: 


"Unsupported command - setPromOptionBits invoked 

, Please make sure that the command is supported on this device. 

PROGRESS_END - End Operation. 

Elapsed time = 1 sec."


Disable concurrent mode and program in sequential mode. 


In iMPACT, go to Edit -> Preferences and deselect the Concurrent Mode (CPLD & PROM) box. 


This issue is fixed in 6.1i iMPACT.

AR# 17018
日期 05/15/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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