AR# 17042


6.1i XST - "WARNING:Xst:1336 - (*) More than 100% of Device resources are used"


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General Description :

After XST synthesis completes, the estimated device resource usage statistics are shown as in the following example:

Number of Slices: 2533 out of 2352 107% (*)

Number of Slice Flip-Flops: 2040 out of 4704 43%

Number of 4 input LUTs: 4531 out of 4704 96%

Number of bonded IOBs: 108 out of 162 66%

Number of TBUFs: 832 out of 2352 35%

Number of BRAMs: 20 out of 28 71%

Number of GCLKs: 1 out of 4 25%

If any resources are exceeded, the following warning occurs:

"WARNING:Xst:1336 - (*) More than 100% of Device resources are used"


The numbers from XST are estimates that should be accurate, but this report is not the final tally of resource utilization. Mapping optimizations might change the LUT and FF count; black boxes might not have been read by XST; and other factors can potentially change the resource usage. Use the MAP report as the definitive answer. If the design does exceed the device resources, the following error is reported by MAP:

"ERROR:Pack:18 - The design is too large for the given device and package.

Please check the Design Summary section to see which resource requirement for your design exceeds the resources available in the device."
AR# 17042
日期 05/01/2012
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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