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CORE Generator - How do I regenerate or upgrade an existing core from an older version to a newer version?


I have an older project withCORE Generator IP cores.I would like to upgrade thethe cores to use the latest version.
How can I update these cores?


In the CORE Generator software, the Regenerate option can be used toregenerate anexisting core with the current projectsettings,such as Device family and HDL language.However, Regenerate does not automatically converta coreto the newest version.
In ISE 9.2, the "Upgrade to Latest Version" option was added to the CORE Generator software which allows one version of a core to be upgraded to a newer version. However, the option is only available for specific IP cores that have an upgrade path provided.With each new release, the list of IP cores with this upgrade path is increased, but many older coresor core versions might never be supported.
If the Upgrade to Latest Versionoptionis available for a core, do one of the following:
  • In CORE Generator, upgrade an individual core:
    1. Select the generated IP core that you would like to upgrade.
    2. Select "Upgrade and Regenerate (Latest versions, Under Current Project Settings) in the information pane.
  • In CORE Generator, upgrade allcores with an available upgrade path:
    1. Select "Project" in the Menu options.
    2. Select "Upgrade and Regenerate Project IP (Latest versions, Under Current Project Settings).

Incases where an upgrade path has not been created for a core, the only supported option is to recreate the cores from scratchwiththe newer IP core version.

In some cases where the XCO parameters have not changed between the old and new version of the core, you can manually modify the ".xco" files to specify the newer version, then regenerate the newer core version using the same set of XCO parameters.
WARNING: If you manually change the version of the core, you must check that new parameters have been added to the core.

1. A project contains a version 4.0 binary counter core. On the second line of the ".xco" file (shown below), change the 4.0 to a 6.0 (or to the desired version).

# Xilinx CORE Generator 6.1i

SELECT Binary_Counter virtex Xilinx,_Inc. 4.0

2. Save the ".xco" file, open CORE Generator and regenerate the core by running the "File-> Execute Command File" command, specifying the edited ".xco" file as the input. This causes all relevant core files to be updated, including the input ".xco" file.

# Xilinx CORE Generator 8.1i

SELECT Binary_Counter virtex Xilinx,_Inc. 6.0
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