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9.1i ISE - Warning message: "Unable to get a socket connection (10050). Some processes in ISE may not work correctly."


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After installing ISE and running it for the first time, my firewall issues a message asking if I want to allow Project Navigator to access the Internet. However, I created a rule with the firewall to deny Project Navigator access to the Internet. Why does the following warning occur when I load ISE?

"Unable to get a socket connection (10050). Some processes in ISE may not work correctly."



When Project Navigator starts, it attempts to "listen" on a socket on the localhost for connections from other tools. It listens on localhost in order to not allow connections from the outside, and to eliminate any security risks. Some firewall programs do not allow localhost listening, or do not make the distinction between listening on the localhost as opposed to an outside connection.

If Project Navigator recognizes the condition where a connection to the localhost is blocked, it issues the message:

"Unable to get a socket connection (10050). Some Processes in ISE may not work correctly."

However, as Xilinx is unable to test against every OS and firewall, and firewall configuration, there might be instances where the condition is not detected. If Project Navigator does not recognize a blocked Internal connection, the firewall is likely to issue an error message each time an application is launched from within Project Navigator.

To resolve this issue, enable your firewall to allow ISE access to the Internet or to internal machine IP addresses.


ZoneAlarm issues a message similar to the following when launching the Schematic Editor or Test Bench Waveform Viewer from Project Navigator:

"TB MFC Application is trying to connect to the Internet or your local network."

This message is prompting you to allow or not allow the connection. A security breach has not occurred; your computer is safe. The following steps provide a cautious strategy for responding to New or Repeat Program alerts:
1. If you do not know what TB MFC Application is, or why it is trying to connect, deny it permission. You can always grant permission later if needed.
2. After you deny permission, determine whether TB MFC Application still performs the functions you need it to perform. If it does, no further action is required. If it does not, use the Programs tab to grant access permission.

AlertAdvisor cannot provide specific information about this program. Consequently, it is safest to adopt a cautious strategy.

For more information about Program alerts and permissions, see the Details tab.

Destination IP: Port 1973
Application: tb.exe

Microsoft Windows XP sSP2 firewall issues a Windows Security Alert. You can find more information at:

Project Navigator and other ISE applications communicate through the localhost. Address is an internal IP address for the localhost. The configuration of the active firewall should be changed to allow Project Navigator and other ISE applications access to the localhost.
AR# 17158
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