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AR# 17194

5.1i/5.2i iMPACT - I cannot program more than one device using SelectMAP mode


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General Description: 

When iMPACT has multiple devices tied together for SelectMAP configuration, with device PROGRAM pins ties together, with DONE pins tied together, and with device Chip Select (CS) pins not tied together, then if only one of those devices is selected for programming, configuration will fail. The DONE pin will only go High when all of the target devices are simultaneously configured.


When attempting to program a single target device interconnected to a multiple target device chain in SelectMAP mode, the PROGRAM pin is toggled at the beginning of the programming sequence. If the PROGRAM pins for all of the devices are tied together, then all of the devices will be cleared. Therefore, to program a single target device in a SelectMAP chain, the PROGRAM and DONE pins for each device should be independently accessible.  


If the target SelectMAP chain does not have independently accessible PROGRAM and DONE pins for each target device in the SelectMAP chain, then all of the target devices in the SelectMAP chain must be programmed simultaneously.  


To select all of the target devices for simultaneous programming in iMPACT, hold down the Shift key while left clicking each of the target devices. The iMPACT window will show all of the devices highlighted. To program all of the devices simultaneously, use the "Operations" pull-down menu to select "Program" while all of the devices are highlighted.

AR# 17194
日期 05/15/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章