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AR# 17305

Identify - Debug hardware directly in RTL source code


As my designs become more and more complex, RTL simulation is not as effective. Is there a tool that allows me to debug my Xilinx designs on-chip, directly in the original RTL source code?


Yes - the Identify product from Synplicity is the first and only software tool that allows FPGA designers and ASIC prototyping designers to functionally debug their hardware directly in their RTL source code. This allows functional verification with RTL designs 10,000 times faster than RTL simulators, and allows in-system stimulus for applications such as networking, audio, video, and hardware/software designs. The Identify software allows you to directly select signals and conditions in your RTL source code for debugging, and the results can be viewed directly in the RTL source code. The Identify tool can also save results in standard VCD format that can be used with most waveform viewers.

More information is available at:
AR# 17305
日期 04/25/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章