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AR# 17319

3.2 EDK- Object properties displays erroneous information on IP polarity and scope


Keywords: EDK, XPS, PBD, polarity, scope, port, IP

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
When opening an EDK3.2 design, the PBD drawn from the ".mhs" is incorrect as follows:

When looking at the ports' polarity of the object properties of any IP, the ports are all shown as input.

For example, if the UART_Lite is declared in the mhs, the corresponding ports page in the PBD editor shows both the TX and RX signals as input.
Also, not all signals appear to be available.

The IP Scope is not updated accordingly to the changes made in the "ADD/EDIT Hardware Platform Specifications" GUI.

For instance:

If a UART_Lite scope is modified in the "ADD/EDIT Hardware Platform Specifications" GUI, it always appears as "internal" in the "Object properties" windows.

Regenerating the diagram based on the information in the MHS file, saving, and resynchronizing the project do not help.


This issue will be resolved in the EDK 6.1 release.
AR# 17319
日期 04/06/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章