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AR# 17321

Wind/U - My GUI application appears to hang or I get a "WindU registry" error message on Solaris or Linux


My GUI application appears to hang, or I receive a "WindU registry" error message on Solaris or Linux.


This can be caused by corruption to GUI library files that are used in several Xilinx Workstation tools. Under certain circumstances, an application that uses the WindU registry daemon might hang. To determine if a process is hanging, close any open Xilinx applications, issue a "ps" command and you will see one or more processes with the name "windu_registryd44".

To work around this issue: These files are re-created dynamically when the application runs, so you can safely delete them and re-start the program.

1. For each process identified with the "ps" command above, kill each one of them with the following command: kill -9 <the process ID number>.

2. At your home directory, run the command "rm -rf .windu*"

In rare cases, you might need to re-boot your Linux machine if you are unable to kill processes or reclaim memory resources.

AR# 17321
日期 04/19/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章