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AR# 17342

6.1i Incremental Design - "ERROR:pack:18 - The design is OVERMAPPED when updating from ISE 5.x."


General Description:

An Incremental Design that fit into a certain size device in ISE 5.x no longer fits in the same device when it is updated to ISE 6.1i. Why does this happen?


In ISE 5.1i, the packing rules allowed context logic that was located outside of area groups to be packed together with logic inside the area group. In ISE 6.1i, to allow better separation of area group logic, this is no longer allowed. Consequently, logic outside of any area group is packed separately and uses more resources.

To work around the issue, keep context logic to a minimum.

To revert back to 5.x packing rules, use the following environment variable:

AR# 17342
日期 12/08/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章