AR# 17378


Tcl - Tcl commands do not work after sourcing the "settings.(c)sh" file in the Xilinx directory


Tcl programs and commands such as "wish" no longer work after I install ISE 8.2i (or later) andafter sourcing its variables.


The issue is that ISE 8.2i (and later) software installation includes its own "" library, which is not the same as the library found on the machine.

To work around the issue, ensure that "/usr/lib" is in front of the "$Xilinx/bin/<plat>" directory in $PATH and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

When you run the Xilinx ISE/Project Navigator executable, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH will automatically be pre-appended with the Xilinx library location and run successfully with the Xilinx version of the "" file. However, if "xtclsh" is run for command line scripting, outside of the Project Navigator environment, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH will not be changed.

NOTE: The "" provided in the Xilinx install contains fixes for several critical issues including thread locking and memory leaks. Not all of these fixes have been accepted into the SourceForge/ActiveState releases. Xilinx has tested the software with the ActiveState binary release, and it does work. However, the issues fixed by Xilinx that have not been accepted into the ActiveState code will show up. Any user choosing this option should use 8.4.14, which has most, but not all, of the Xilinx fixes.



AR# 17378
日期 12/15/2012
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