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6.1i ISE - "ERROR: coregen_lock file found in project directory." The "coregen_lock" file is not removed after CORE Generator completes (Windows XP)


General Description:

When I launch CORE Generator multiple times from Project Navigator through the "Regenerate Core" process, Project Navigator reports the following messages:

"Started process 'Regenerate Core'.

ERROR: The "coregen_lock" file was found in the project directory, which indicates that an instance of Coregen is already running. Only once instance of Coregen can be started at a time. Please close the current instance of Coregen and try the same process again. If you feel this message is erroneous and there is no instance of Coregen running currently, please delete the "coregen_lock" file from the current project directory and try the process again.

ERROR: coregen_lock file found in project directory. An instance of Coregen may already be running that needs to be closed first."

Completed process 'Regenerate Core'."


The "coregen_lock" file is created by Project Navigator as it launches CORE Generator in batch mode. This "coregen_lock" file is then deleted by Project Navigator when the COREGen process completes. At this point, the console window should display the following message: "Completed process "Regenerate Core"."

It has been seen (primarily on machines running Windows XP) that the "coregen_lock" file is not immediately removed from the project directory. In these cases, launching CORE Generator again produces the error above, even though the COREGen executable should be available for use.

Generally, you should be able to successfully run another "Regenerate Core" process as soon as the "Completed process 'Regenerate Core'" message appears. You might need to wait about 5 seconds after the message for the peripheral program "Coresupt.exe" to complete and the "coregen_lock" file to be removed.

If no CORE Generator processes are running and you continue to see this error message, manually remove the "coregen_lock" file from the project directory.
AR# 17480
日期 07/10/2011
状态 Archive
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