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AR# 17595

XtremeDSP Development Kit - How do I update the Xtreme DSP Development Kit firmware USB or PCI PROMs for the Spartan-II interface FPGA?


How do I update the Xtreme DSP Development Kit firmware USB or PCI PROMs for the Spartan-II Interface FPGA?

How do I set up the Xtreme DSP Development Kit to allow me to use the 3.3V PCI interface?


This is for the XtremeDSP Development Kit.

To update the firmware for the XtremeDSP Development Kit-II, please see (Xilinx Answer 21100).

You must download the updated firmware files from the following location:


This download includes the MCS files for the 3.3V PCI, 5V PCI, and USB configurations. A detailed description of the firmware installation instructions is included in the ZIP file.

The Xtreme DSP Development Kit ships with two XC18V02 PROMs on the board that contain the 5V PCI configuration bit file and the USB configuration bit file for the Spartan-II FPGA communication FPGA on the board.

To update the firmware on the Xtreme DSP Development Kit, you must use the JTAG interface. For information on how to detect the JTAG chain on the Xtreme DSP Development Kit, see (Xilinx Answer 17590).

Once the JTAG chain is detected, you can use iMPACT (the Xilinx programming software) to download the MCS files to the XC18V02 PROMs. The first XC18V02 is for the 3.3V PCI/USB configuration bitstream. The second XC18V02 is for the 5V PCI configuration bitstream.

NOTE: When setting up the 3.3V PCI interface, you are updating the first XC18V02 PROM, which is also used for the USB bitstream.

AR# 17595
日期 12/15/2012
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