AR# 17610


6.1i iMPACT - Invoking iMPACT on Linux/WinXP results in "LINISEG.21.0.2-can't invoke iMPACT GUI due to Failed to create empty doc"


General Description:

Invoking iMPACT on Linux results in the message:

"LINISEG.21.0.2-can't invoke iMPACT GUI due to Failed to create empty doc."


When iMPACT starts, it creates files named _impact.cmd and impact.log in Xilinx installation directory which is by default "<XILINX>\bin\nt".

If a user who is an administrator runs iMPACT, these files are left in that directory. Then, if non-administrator user (or different group user) attempts to run the iMPACT again, iMPACT tries to create these files again and errors out due to file sharing issues.

To work around this problem,

1. Create an iMPACT link and manually change the Start In directory specified in the iMPACT link to point to a user dependent location.

2. Ensure everyone who uses iMPACT on the particular machine is in the same group.

3. Always erase the offending files after running iMPACT.

AR# 17610
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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