AR# 17673


6.3i MAP - Spartan-3: "ERROR:MapLib:653 when doing Modular/Incremental design with 3-states"


Keywords: MAP, area group, 3-state, tri-state, BUFT, TB, BUFE, error, module

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I run Incremental or Modular Design on a Spartan-3 device that uses 3-state logic in the modules or Area Groups, the following error occurs in MAP:

"ERROR:MapLib:653 - Mapping operation involving:
BUFT symbol "x"... BUFE symbol "y"... etc.
cannot be completed because it crosses a Incremental Design Area Group boundary. The original logic will remain intact."


Due to the lack of TBUFs in the Spartan-3 architecture, XST and MAP transform 3-state logic to LUTs in a typical design. In Modular and Incremental Design, there are different rules that do not allow XST or MAP to completely resolve 3-state logic because of incremental or modular boundaries. For Spartan-3, Modular and Incremental designs must have all 3-state logic driving the same signal at the same level of hierarchy.
AR# 17673
日期 02/21/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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