AR# 17683


6.1i ISE - MPPR reports the following error if the Extra Effort property is disabled: "Can't read "mpprExtraEffortLevel": no such variable"


Keywords: MPPR, PAR, Project Navigator, Extra Effort, mpprExtraEffortLevel

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I run the MPPR process and the PAR Extra Effort Level property is disabled (N/A), MPPR fails and reports the following error:

"Can't read "mpprExtraEffortLevel": no such variable while executing
"puts $_PIF "$mpprExtraEffortLevel""
invoked from within
"if { $IsContinue } {
if { $p_MpprConvertGuideFile } {
set _isMpprGuide 0
if { ![string equal $mpprGuideFile ""] } {
set _mpprG..."
(file "C:/xilinx_g23_0_1/data/projnav/scripts/postmppr.tcl" line 33)
Done: failed with exit code: 0199."

The Extra Effort property is disabled when the Overall PAR Effort Level is set to anything except "High".


To fix this problem, set the Overall PAR Effort Level to High. The MPPR extra effort level is dependent upon the overall effort level; when the overall effort level is set to "Standard" or "Medium", the property should be disabled.

This problem has been fixed in the latest 6.1i Service Pack, available at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 6.1i Service Pack 1.

The fix correctly disables MPPR Extra Effort Level if the PAR Effort level is set to "Standard" or "Medium."
AR# 17683
日期 02/07/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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