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AR# 17688

6.1 EDK - No cores are listed in the "Add/Edit Cores" Dialog Box


Keywords: EDK, XPS, Peripheral

Urgency: Standard:

General Description:
I have multiple versions of EDK installed, and I select each version with the XILINX_EDK environment variable. When I try the "Add/Edit Cores" Dialog box, I do not see any cores listed. What happened?


Check your PATH environment variable. Even if XILINX_EDK is set, if you have more than one version of EDK installed and have any references to the other EDK version listed in your PATH variable, you might see this problem. Delete all path references to the other EDK version. The best method is just to replace all references with %XILINX_EDK%. For example,

Change: C:\EDK32\bin\nt
To: %XILINX_EDK\bin\nt

This will ensure consistency between the PATH variable and the XILINX_EDK variable.

AR# 17688
日期 03/05/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章