AR# 17707


9.1i PrimeTime - The Timing Analysis of FROM:TO constraint does not match in PrimeTime


When I run the design through PrimeTime and Timing Analyzer, why do more paths appear in PrimeTime?


The Verbose Report of Minimum Paths indicates that race/hold analysis is no longer performed for MAXDELAY FROM:TO constraints. Because of this, the hold will not be checked for multicycle paths (slow or fast exception) and might be another potential area of discrepancy between TRCE/PrimeTime, as PrimeTime does check hold for this case.

This is definitely a discrepancy issue; however, two things should be noted: first, it is still possible to cover a multicycle path with a PERIOD constraint and perform a race/hold check; second, it is highly unlikely that a slow exception path will have a race/hold violation, as these paths usually require a longer amount of time to reach their destination.

Fast exceptions can be potential issues when comparing PrimeTime to TRCE. To obtain a fast exception to analyze, use one of the following suggestions:

- Xilinx recommends that TRCE users create FROM:TO constraints for the fast exceptions. If you want to perform a hold/race check on this path, create a PERIOD constraint instead of a FROM:TO constraint.

- Translate the resultant group constraints to SDC.

- Leave the MAX delays as FROM:TO constraints in translation to SDC and PrimeTime.

AR# 17707
日期 01/18/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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