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6.1i ISE - Are spaces in file names and directories supported by the ISE software?


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Do the Xilinx tools support spaces in file or directory names?



Spaces in directories and file names are not officially supported in the ISE 6.1i software. However, most of the underlying tools in the ISE tool set handle spaces without a problem. Refer to the following Answer Records for known issues involving spaces in directory and file names:

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(Xilinx Answer 17972) 6.1i ISE - A ModelSim vlog command from ".fdo" file fails, reporting "Error: (vlog-7) Failed to open design unit file"
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In ISE, to work around directory paths that include spaces, follow one of the following procedures:

Procedure 1
1. Open a cmd window, and enter the "dir /x" command to list the old 8.3 type name for the directory with spaces in it.
2. Use the 8.3 name in place of any directory name that has spaces in it.

Procedure 2
1. Use the DOS "subst" command to create an aliased drive letter to a directory:
subst /?
subst x: "c:\where ever\the\directory"

2. Now x: will point to your directory. Make sure to put double quotes around the directory name that has spaces (as shown above). Otherwise, subst will process it as three command line options instead of two. Also, note that this work around also works for networked drives; x: can point to a networked directory or a local directory. Once you run the above, the x: drive is retained until you reboot or until you execute the following:
subst /d x:
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