AR# 1787


4000EX/XL: Can I use both the Output FF (OFD) and the Output MUX (OMUX2) of an IOB at the same time?


The 2:1 ouput MUX and the output FF of the 4000EX IOB can not
be used at the same time.


The output flop and the output mux at the same time. One or
the other drives out the pad.

When the output flop is being used(OFD) :

IOB.OK is routed to the clock input
IOB.O is routed to the data input
IOB.CE is routed to the CE input

When the output mux is being used(OMUX2) :

IOB.OK is routed to the mux select
IOB.O is routed to D1
IOB.CE is routed to D2
AR# 1787
日期 03/03/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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