AR# 17890


6.1i ISE - After a project directory is moved, an exclamation point status symbol is continually reported for the synthesis process


Keywords: move, status, warning, directory, synthesis, process, yellow, exclamation point, green, check, mark, XST

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am working with a project directory that contains a project in which the Synthesize process has a green check mark status symbol; if I move this to a different directory and run the process again, an exclamation point (warning) status symbol is reported for the project. When I rerun the process, the warning status symbol does not change, even though no warnings appear in the transcript window.


The first time the synthesis process is run after a project directory is moved, Project Navigator correctly issues the warning status symbol (XST issues a warning for each source, indicating that it has moved to a new location). Subsequent synthesis process runs may not generate warnings, but the warning status symbol will persist because Project Navigator cannot reset the status in this situation. (This problem only occurs when a warning is generated and then goes away without the source file being edited.)

To correct this problem, run Project -> Clean Project Files, then rerun the synthesis process.

Alternatively, the problem will be fixed automatically if the source files are edited and saved.
AR# 17890
日期 03/19/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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