AR# 17893


9.1i ISE - When I use UltraEdit v7.00a in ISE, UltraEdit comes up with a new (empty) file, named "<origfilename to be edited> -l<line number>"


In Project Navigator 9.1i you can choose the Editor to edit HDL and other text files.

Using Edit -> Preferences and selecting the Editor tab gives four options for Editor (ISE Text Editor, Custom, Code Wright, and Ultra Edit). When I select Ultra Edit, the command line syntax is automatically set to use $1 -l$2.

When I use UltraEdit v7.00a and this command line does not work, UltraEdit comes up with a new (and empty) file, named "<origfilename to be edited> -|<line number>."


The command line syntax used in Project Navigator was designed for and tested with Ultra Edit 7.2. For Ultra Edit 7.00a, the command line syntax should be $1/$2.

To work around this issue, follow these steps:

1. Select Custom as the Editor choice.
2. In the Command Line Syntax field, Type "UltraEdit $1/$2." (Do not include the quotation marks.)
3. Verify that the directory containing the UltraEdit executable is in the System PATH.

Note: For information on executable names, paths and options for a particular editor version, a user should check with the editor vendor.
AR# 17893
日期 02/25/2011
状态 Archive
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