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Project Navigator - Immediately after the Implement Design process runs, the process status mark is set to "?," indicating that the process is out-of-date


After I run the "Implement Design" process, green checkmarks appear on successive processes, but a question mark (?) appears on "Implement Design," indicating that the process is out-of-date. No warnings or errors are issued.


The status of a process is determined by a simple comparison of the time stamp of the source files and process properties with the time stamp of generated output files. If the output file for a process exists but the time stamp is older than either a source file or a process property that the output file depends on, the process will be marked with a "?," indicating that the process is out-of-date.
If the ISE project is located on a network drive, the time stamps can appear to be outdated when the time on the network drive and local drive are out of sync. To sync up the time of the local machine to the time of the network computer, enter the following command in a DOS command window:
net time <\\SERVER> <<file:///\\SERVER>> /set /y
Executing this command will set the time of the machine to that of the machine named "SERVER."
In ISE 10.1 and later, after verifying that the server and local machine are using the same time, the status of a process can be "Forced" Up-to-Date by selecting the process and then clicking Process -> Force Process Up-to-Date. Note that before using the Force operation, the user should verify that the correct output files for the process were generated. Forcing a process Up-to-Date will allow subsequent processes to be run without rerunning the process that was forced. However, if some of the input files to the subsequent processes are not available, these later processes will fail, indicating the missing file(s).
AR# 17953
日期 12/15/2012
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