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AR# 17977

6.2i ECS - INIT Attribute on RAM is incorrectly interpreted as zero


Keywords: ECS, 6.2, schematic, RAM, INIT, attribute, zero

Urgency: Standard

In ECS, if you create a schematic with two instances of RAM16X1S, one with a nonzero INIT attribute, and the other with INIT=0000 attribute, the result is two all zero initialized rams.
If both the INIT attributes are non-zero the initialization problem disappears.


Editing the .vhf file to remove the attribute on the component fixes the problem.

i.e. remove the line:

attribute INIT of RAM16X1S : COMPONENT is "0000";

See (Xilinx Answer 18350) - This issue was fixed in ISE 6.2.03i.

AR# 17977
日期 01/19/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章