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AR# 18129

6.1i COREGen - Multiple user repositories and IPcapture are no longer supported in COREGen


Keywords: repository, user, multiple, built-in, GUI, IP-capture, IP, user core, core, COREGen, CORE Generator, Core

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In COREGen version 5.1i, I had the ability to point to additional IP repositories in the global Preferences dialog. Why is this option unavailable in COREGen 6.1i?


In COREGen 6.1i, all cores must reside in the default "built-in"repository, "$XILINX/coregen/ip/xilinx", shipped with COREGen. New cores added through IP updates must also reside in the built-in repository in order to be integrated into the COREGen Framework.

The feature that allowed users to add additional user cores from other directories and display them together with COREGen IP in the IP catalog was designed to provide users the ability to manage and share cores across multiple users and projects. However, we determined that the multiple repository solution that was provided in COREGen 5.1i did not provide customers the ease of use needed to make the solution practical.

Xilinx continues to believe in the value of allowing customers to put their own IP into these separate repositories for later reuse in other designs, and for reuse by other company members. We will revisit this idea when the resources can be invested to provide a practical and straightforward means of capturing and distributing user IP.
AR# 18129
日期 02/07/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章