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12.1 EDK - "ERROR: Unable to connect to PowerPC target. Invalid Processor Version No 0x00000000"


When I attempt to debug a PowerPCprocessorvia the XMD ppcconnect command, the following error occurs:

"JTAG chain configuration
Device....ID Code........IR Length...Part Name

ERROR: Unable to connect to PowerPC target. Invalid Processor Version No 0x00000000
Unable to establish connection to the PowerPC target.
Make sure the PPC405 JTAG signals are connected to the JTAGPPC primitive and the cable connections are correct."

Another error that occurs is:

JTAG chain configuration
Device ID Code IR Length Part Name
1 e5057093 16 XCF08P
2 21e58093 10 XC4VFX12
ERROR: Unable to STOP PowerPC Processor
Check: (1) If the FPGA is Configured Correctly (or)
(2) If Processor Reset and Clock Ports are Connected Correctly

How do I resolve this error and connect to the PowerPC processor?


Note that XMD is able to detect the instruction registers of the XC2VP30 (6 bits) along with its two processors in the chain (4 bits each). This indicates that the basic JTAG chain and cable connections are likely correct. However, the processors are not responding to the other JTAG requests.

Check Processor Clocks
Ensure that CPMC405CLOCK has a valid clock, and that the CPMC405CPUCLKEN and CPMC405JTAGCLKEN ports are High. While the PowerPC JTAG controller is clocked by the JTAG clock, the requests from the JTAG unit are serviced by the core clock. If you are using a DCM, check the LOCKED and STATUS ports. Consider connecting the DCM LOCKED signal to the PROC_SYS_RESET EDK IP core.
When probing nets, note that the PPC405 block might have local inversion on some input ports. Check the polarity of individual nets by double-clicking into the PPC405 block in FPGA Editor.

Check Processor Resets
Ensure that the RSTC405RESETCORE, RSTC405RESETCHIP, and RSTC405RESETSYS signals are Low. Make sure the active-low port JTGC405TRSTNEG is High.

Check JTAG Connections

Verify the JTAG chain and cable connections. The JTAG chain connections are especially suspect if XMD cannot detect the IDCODE and IR lengths. A correctly connected JTAG chain should report the correct Device, ID Code, and IR Length for a particular hardware chain, similar to the above error message.

Check iMPACT Options

Use the "Pulse Prog" option in iMPACT. For Virtex-II Pro or Virtex-4 devices, check the Virtex-II "Pulse Prog" check box in iMPACT. Download the bitstream again and connect via XMD.

To enable the option in EDK, the download.cmd file in the "etc" directory has to be modified:

setMode -bscan
setCable -p auto
assignfile -p 2 -file implementation/download.bit
program -p 2
setMode -bscan
setCable -p auto
assignfile -p 2 -file implementation/download.bit
program -p 2 -prog

Check UCF constraints

If the design was brought into theISE tools from EDK, ensure that the UCF has been included in the ISE project.

Check the cable type

Determine whether the download cable you have connected to your computer matches the cable type designated in your EDK XMD project options file or "XMD.ini" file.

1. The xmd options file can be found in the directory "<project_dir>/etc/xmd_ppc*.opt".
- If the cable type does not match, delete the file and launch XMD again from the EDK GUI button.
- Then, select the proper cable type from the dialog pop-up.

2. The "xmd.ini" file can be found in the directory "<project_dir>/xmd.ini".
- Edit the file with the correct cable type, port, and frequency as shown below:
- [-cable type <Xilinx_parallel | Xilinx_parallel3 | Xilinx_platform | usb >
- port <lpt1 | lpt2 | USB2>
- frequency <Cable Frequency>

For Virtex-4 devices, refer to (Xilinx Answer 21820) and (Xilinx Answer 21296).

Additionally, for PPC405, see (Xilinx Answer 22179) and (Xilinx Answer 21820).

For more information on PowerPC 405 functionality, consult the PowerPC 405 Processor Block Reference Guide.



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