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AR# 18298

6.1 EDK Install - Service Pack 1 Release Notes/README


Keywords: Service Pack, 1, 2, UNIX, PC, software, update, 6.1, SP1

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
This README Answer Record contains the Release Notes for EDK 6.1 Service Pack 1. The Release Notes include installation instructions and a list of the issues that are fixed by this Service Pack for the 6.1 release.



A successful installation of Xilinx EDK 6.1 Service Pack 1 updates your software version number to 6.1.01.

NOTE 1: The destination directory specified during the set-up operation must contain an existing Xilinx EDK 6.1 installation. Only existing files will be updated.
NOTE 2: The Xilinx EDK 6.1 environment variable should be set before commencing the installation of Service Pack 1.

Download installation instructions for PC users:
1. Download EDK_6_1_1_win.exe from:

2. Run "EDK_6_1_1_win.exe".

Download installation instructions for Solaris users:
1. Download EDK_6_1_1_sol.zip from:

2. Unzip EDK_6_1_1_sol.zip it into your $XILINX_EDK area.


Issues Fixed by 6.1 EDK Service Pack 1:

6.1 EDK - UART Lite constants in "xparameters.h", "xuartlite_g.c" are not complete (Xilinx Answer 18299)

6.1 EDK - XMD fails to connect to correct a processor number (Xilinx Answer 18051)

6.1 EDK - An XMD debug in MicroBlase stub mode crashes after being unable to connect twice (Xilinx Answer 18050)

3.2 EDK- XPS - When errors appear in the ".mhs" file, I am unable to open or view any other files (Xilinx Answer 18300)

6.1 EDK - XMD fails to connect to MicroBlaze if the JTAG chain contains unknown devices (Xilinx Answer 18004)

6.1 EDK - MicroBlaze - Missing cache management functions for MicroBlaze in the BSP (Xilinx Answer 18304)

6.1 EDK - MB-GCC - Optimization of specialized data structures (Xilinx Answer 18305)
AR# 18298
日期 03/07/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章