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AR# 18416

6.3i Partial Reconfiguration - Is partial reconfiguration supported on Spartan-3/-3E devices?


Can I perform partial reconfiguration on Spartan-3/-3E devices?


Yes, partial reconfiguration is supported in Spartan-3/-3E, but only through the use of the BitGen -r command. This command allows you to compare two designs and create a bitstream that contains only the column differences between the two.

However, unmodified bits in a partially reconfigured column in Spartan-3/-3E devices are temporarily reset during the reconfiguration process. Therefore, if this method is used, you must make sure to manage these glitches by using handshaking for design communication.

An example command line is:

bitgen -g ActiveReconfig:Yes -g Persist:Yes -r design1.bit design2.ncd and_test2_partial.bit

Some other issues to note are:

- Spartan-3/-3E does not support partial reconfiguration using ICAP.

- Because the Spartan-3/-3E architecture does not contain TBUFs, there is currently no existing bus macro solution that can be used for module-based partial reconfiguration.

- Partial reconfiguration is only supported through the JTAG and SelectMap interface. If using the SelectMAP interface, the -g Persist option needs to be set when generating the initial bitstream. For more information on partial reconfiguration, see (Xilinx XAPP290): "Two Flows for Partial Reconfiguration: Module-Based or Difference-Based."
AR# 18416
日期 04/27/2012
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章