AR# 18451


6.1i Virtex-II MAP - Timing-driven packing (-timing) fails with "DeleteInterpProc called with active evals" in Phase 11.24


Keywords: -timing, timing, driven, 11.24, crash

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Cases have been seen where MAP crashes during timing-driven packing when run with the "-timing" switch. It is possible to set an environment variable to enable messages printed by placer algorithms during the "-timing" phase:

Solaris and Linux
setenv XIL_MAP_TMSG 1


Rerun MAP with this environment variable set to identify the phase where the failure occurred.

NOTE: This Answer Record is only a good match for your case if the failure occurs in Phase 11.24.


Two variations of a Phase 11.24 failure have been seen. One involves the timing-driven packing of designs that have no timespecs. This will be fixed in 6.2i and can be worked around by adding a timespec. The other 11.24 failure involves a design that did have timespecs and has been fixed for 6.1i sp3, which will become available in mid-December.
AR# 18451
日期 10/19/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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