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AR# 18474

6.1 EDK - Steps required to rev up the UC design from EDK3.3.3/ISE5.2 -> EDK6.1/ISE6.1


Keywords: Ultra Controller, UC, EDK, ISE, revup, rev up

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
What are the required steps to rev up the 3.2 EDK Ultra-Controller Design?


Steps for design rev-up:

0. Download, Extract UC (e.g., "uc_4i_4d_1ppc_vlog.zip")

1. Rev-Up in EDK 6.1i. Leave EDK Window Open.

2. Rev-Up in ISE 6.1i. Leave ISE Window Open.

3. In ISE 6.1i "Source in Project" window, Select first item underneath the system (..\hdl\system.v)
- This should be dsbram_ifcntlr_1_wrapper(..\hdl\system_bb_comps.v).
- After selecting this, Remove it from the project by right-clicking and selecting Remove.
- Answer "Yes" to remove all source dialog box.
- Leave ISE Window Open.
- SAVE Project (overwrite the "npl" file).

4. Go to EDK window.
- Run: Tools -> Program Compile Sources.
- Run: Tools -> Generate Netlist.

5. Go to ISE window.
- Run: View -> Refresh.
- Icons representing wrapper files underneath system should change from a question mark to a check mark.

6. In the ISEs "Sources in Project" window, select "UltraController_Demo(uc_4i_4d.v)"
- Move to the "Processes for Source..." window and double-click "Generate Programming File".
AR# 18474
日期 03/07/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章