AR# 18510


9.2i ISE - Adding a second EDIF file to a Project Navigator EDN project succeeds even though it is not allowed


Keywords: EDIF, Project, Navigator, ISE, second, multiple, edf, edn, design unit, source, conflict

When I attempt to add a second EDIF file to an EDIF project using either "Add Source" or "Add Copy of Source", the Design Unit association dialog box contains an error similar to the following:

"Only one Design Unit of this type is allowed for the same top module.
This will not be added because of the conflict with the pre-existing design unit:
Module|<current edn module name>"

When I select OK, the file is added to the project anyway.


In ISE 9.2i , Project Navigator does add the EDIF file to the project. However, the file is not processed unless it is set as the top-level module.

In ISE 10.1, the file is added to the project, but is only listed in the Files tab.

If you have a hierarchical EDIF design in which the second EDIF file is instantiated in the first EDIF module, Project Navigator does not send the location of the second EDIF file to NGDBuild for translation. For NGDBuild to find an instantiated EDIF (or .ngc) netlist, the netlist should be in either the project directory or in a directory indicated by the Translate, Macro Search Path property.

AR# 18510
日期 04/13/2009
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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