AR# 18512


6.1i ISE - Synplify does not accept separate Entity and Architecture VHDL files when run from Project Navigator - No architecture associated with entity


Keywords: ISE, Synplify, separate, Entity, Architecture, VHDL, Synplicity

When Entity and Architecture are in separate files, they are paired together in the "Sources in Project" window to form an upper level which contains both entity and architecture. However, when Synplify is launched from ISE, the synthesis report contains the following error:

"No architectures associated with entity XXXX"

When the architecture and entity files are added in Synplify standalone, the design synthesizes without error.


ISE does not properly handle VHDL files with Entity and Architecture in separate files.

Possible work-arounds include:

- Compile the VHDL design in Synplify standalone and then bring the generated EDIF file into Project Navigator for Implementation.
- Combine both entity and architecture declarations into the same file.
- Use XST to synthesize your design.
AR# 18512
日期 03/25/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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