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AR# 18567

6.1 EDK - MDM, GDB: "ERROR: Unable to stop MicroBlaze, status is 0x00000001"


Keywords: EDK, MDM, GDB, MB, MicroBlaze, Status, 0x00000000, error

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I enter the "mbconnect mdm" command, the following error occurs:

"ERROR: Unable to stop MicroBlaze, status is 0x00000001
Unable to connect to MicroBlaze."

The other status message that occurs is "0x0000000". What does this mean?


The Status messages displayed by XMD are MicroBlaze Debug Logic Status. The status bits are: 0-15 : H/W Breakpoint hit 16 : MicroBlaze Stopped 17: MicroBlaze in reset.

1. If the Status is 0x00000000, then it means that the Embedded System is not being clocked.

2. If XMD cannot STOP the processor, the status is 0x00000001. Internally MicroBlaze tries to force a breakpoint to stop the processor, so the observed status will be 0x00000001.

MicroBlaze finishes the current instruction (in the Execute Stage) before it stops. Some of the reasons why it will not be able to stop are:
a. It is Executing Blocking Instruction (FSL Get) .
b. If there is no bus arbiter (only DOPB connected most common case), Instruction fetch will fail (i.e., IOPB Master on MicroBlaze will not get an ACK from the BUS and hence will stall).
AR# 18567
日期 04/28/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章