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6.1i ISE- Project Navigator support for dual processor designs imported from EDK


Keywords: PPC, PowerPC, MicroBlaze, EDK, dual, processor, bmm, elf

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
What is the state of ProjNav with regards to supporting a dual processor design imported from EDK? I would like to do the two PPCs as separate XPS projects and export to a common Project Navigator project. How do we handle the two BMM and ELF files (one from each processor)? Would this flow even work or is there a preferred method?


Currently ProjNav does not support a dual processor design with respect to updating the bit file with both elf's. ProjNav does not support multiple BMM's or multiple elf's.

The work-around to update you bitstream for multiple processors is as follows:

Update Bit File with two elf's:

1. Add BMM file to ISE project. The BMM must contain all of the ADDRESS_BLOCKS for both processors. Do not add the elf files.
2. In ProjNav generate a bit file. This bitfile will be uninitialized.
3. From the command line, update the bitfile with the first elf.

data2mem -bm <file>_bd.bmm -bd <first>.elf -bt <original>.bit -o b <new1>.bit

4. From the command line, update the bitfile with the second elf.

data2mem -bm <file>_bd.bmm -bd <second>.elf -bt <new1>.bit -o b <new2>.bit
AR# 18600
日期 04/09/2007
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