AR# 18650


8.2 System Generator for DSP and XST 8.2i - Why does XST bus elaboration cause warning: "Warning:XST:51 - Detected potential name conflict ..."?


Why does XST bus elaboration cause name conflicts? 


"WARNING:Xst:51 - Detected potential name conflict between port <a> and port <a_1> in unit <test>. Port <a_1> is renamed to <a_1_ren>, changing the interface of this block. Please update your source code accordingly or choose a different name."


To work around this issue, change the name of your output ports in System Generator for DSP, or use Synplify or Leonardo for synthesis.  


For example, <a> and <a_1> should be named <a_out> and <a1_out>. 


This issue is fixed in ISE 9.1.

AR# 18650
日期 05/16/2014
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