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AR# 18857

COMPXLIB - "ERROR: Could not open library vital2000 at vital2000: No such file or directory"


Keywords: COMPXLIB, ModelSim, vital, 2000, VITAL2000, open, library, directory

Using COMPXLIB to compile simulation libraries from the command line results in an error similar to the following:

"ERROR: Could not open library vital2000 at vital2000: No such file or directory
###### C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\simprims\simprim_Vcomponents_mti.vhd(74): library VITAL2000;
ERROR: C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\simprims\simprim_Vcomponents_mti.vhd(74): Library vital2000 not found.
###### C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\simprims\simprim_Vcomponents_mti.vhd(75): use VITAL2000.VITAL_Timing.all;
ERROR: C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\simprims\simprim_Vcomponents_mti.vhd(75): Unknown identifier: vital2000
###### C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\simprims\simprim_Vcomponents_mti.vhd(77): package VCOMPONENTS is
ERROR: C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\simprims\simprim_Vcomponents_mti.vhd(77): VHDL Compiler exiting"


The VHDL libraries included with ISE 6.1i and later require full VITAL2000 compliance. If they are compiled for a simulation tool that is not fully VITAL2000 compliant, errors similar to those listed above will result.

If your simulation tool is not VITAL2000 compliant, you will need to upgrade to a simulation tool that supports VITAL2000 constructs. Typically, upgrading to the latest version of your simulation tool resolves this issue because most simulators do currently support VITAL2000 constructs.
AR# 18857
日期 11/18/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章