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PROMGen - How is the PROM MCS file checksum calculated?


How does iMPACT calculate a PROM's checksum? How is the MCS file checksum calculated?

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The PROM Checksum will be provided by the PROMGen tool and can also be read out of the PROM by iMPACT. Please note that the Checksums will not match for SPI flash, see (Xilinx Answer 53393) for further details.

1 - Reading the checksum from the PROM is done via iMPACT using the Checksum operation.
2 - The PROMGen tools generate a checksum for the files and this value is stored in the .prm

These two values will align if the PROM source files are generated with the -x and -c flags. The -x flag will tell the tools what size of PROM is being targeted. The -c flag will tell the tools what the unused space in the flash will be set to (erased data in a flash is ones so the -c flag should be set to "-c FF" if the file is loaded into a blank flash).

If the checksum read from the software is not aligning with the checksum provided by the tools, try the following:

1 - Erase, Program, Verify and then read the Checksum of the flash up to three times to confirm the device is functioning consistently.
2 - Double check the .prm file on the promgen command line for the -x and -c flags.

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