AR# 18909


Schematic - "DesignEntry 30 ERROR Instance referencing symbol is out of date"


When I implement or synthesize a schematic design, the following error message occurs during the schematic DRC:

"DesignEntry 30 ERROR Instance <instance-name> referencing symbol <symbol-name> is out of date.""

A similar error message and a pop-up window appear if the references schematic file is opened.


This error occurs if the time stamp on an instantiated symbol is newer than the time stamp of the schematic file, or if the symbol time stamp is newer than the symbol time stamp at the time it was placed on the schematic.

The schematic DRC checks for both of the above cases but allows you to save a schematic without updating a symbol if you want.

To update the symbol, open the referenced schematic. An "Open Schematic Files Error" box is displayed with all outdated symbols shown in the "Out-of-Date Symbols" window on the right. Make sure the desired symbol or symbols are highlighted and select the "Update Instances" button. Save the schematic and then re-run the original process that caused the error.

In 7.1i, an option was added to "Update All Schematic Files" so that opening each schematic is not required. To use this option:

1. Select the device in the "Sources in Project" window.

2. In the "Processes" window under "Design Entry Utilities", double-click "Update All Schematic Files".

In ISE 9.1i and earlier, the Schematic design rule check looked at both the system time stamp of the ".sym" file and the internal time stamp in the ".sym" file. In ISE 9.2i and later, only the internal time stamp is used.

AR# 18909
日期 12/15/2012
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