AR# 18920


LogiCORE PCI Express - Core will not train, returning TS2 with LINK=0 and LANE=0 instead of TS1 with LINK=0 and LANE=PAD



General Description: 

PCI Express core is plugged into a Motherboard, but is not training properly.  


A clue will be that after sending a downstream TS1 ordered set with the LINK=0 and LANE=PAD, the core returns an upstream TS2 ordered set with LINK = 0 and LANE = 0. The upstream packet should have been a TS1 ordered set with LINK=0 and LANE=PAD.


Check the configuration file and make sure bit 511 is set to a 0. When the core is communicating with a root complex or switch, this is the setting to use:  


assign cfg[510] = 1'b0; 


The "two PLM autoconfigure" option allows two endpoint cores to be connected in a point to-point configuration. In most systems, the Xilinx PCI Express Endpoint core will be the downstream device, and a Root Complex or Switch will be the upstream device. In applications where two Endpoints will communicate to each other directly, this bit must be set to a 1 for the link to train successfully. 


This can be found on page 38 of the Design Guide.

AR# 18920
日期 05/16/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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